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My enthusiasm for photography began at an early age and has never stopped since.  I love combining my passion for the outdoors with the challenge of capturing 'that image' in all manner of conditions.

Having a camera creates a sense of purpose and challenges me to constantly look for new locations locally or elsewhere.

I was around 12 years old when I first experienced the magical feeling of taking an image and processing it in near darkness followed by the strong pungent aroma from the chemicals ! I still have the image somewhere……..

I often find myself visualising the scene or subject matter in front me with a two dimensional image in mind and perhaps converting it to black & white or toning it for good measure.

I have been fortunate enough to serve all over the world with the Armed Forces recording my experiences through my images whenever I could.

Despite travelling the world with the forces my roots are firmly in UK and yes I love the climate encompassed with all the seasons …… they offer a photographer such variety !

My favourite colour swings from blue to green depending on the background of the image and is reminiscent of spring and the birth of something new and creative.